Private Dance Lessons Krakow

Private dance lessons in English are the best way to become proficient in your dance skills. They are one-on-one tutorials, both for a student (male/female) or a couple. During classes we put all our efforts to give you individualized attention, to learn specifically what you want to work on.

A skilled instructor focusing on one student or couple can immediately spot where your challenge is coming from and navigate you through it with special tips and tricks customized to fit your unique goals and schedule.

The way in which your instructor teaches is entirely based on your needs and you can feel comfortable asking questions and taking your time to practise. You don’t need a partner to learn how to dance! Your instructor will be your partner during private lessons.

We teach all the major Ballroom (Standard and Latin American) and social dances: Discofox, West Coast Swing, Bachata, Salsa. We provide dance lessons both for advanced or beginning dancers.

Private lessons are beneficial for:

    • beginning your dance journey
    • feeling more confident and comfortable on the dance floor
    • focusing on dances or skills you are really interested in
    • catching up on material for missed group class lessons
    • reinforcing skills learned in group classes
    • preparing for competitions
    • learning leading and following skills
    • preparing for a Show, Party, or Special Event
    • wedding first dances
    • keeping you fit instead of going to gym, jogging or other sport activities

All private lessons are scheduled by appointment only. Do not hesitate to call +48 500 800 464 or email us
We teach 7 days a week and will accommodate your busy schedule. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If more than 24 hours notice is given, we will do everything possible to reschedule your lesson.

Discounted package private lessons must be pre-paid during first lesson. Payment available only in cash. You can order for yourself or as a gift for individuals or couples.

Additional benefit to you – note that in our Dance School the dance hall during private lessons is exclusive.


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